Living with Passion

Have you ever stopped to think about why we have so much stress when it comes to our regular jobs?

Too many of us go to work the majority of the week and stress out about the smallest things sometimes.

Maybe because we don’t really have a passion for the work that we do each and every day for our employers.

Maybe we should be gravitating towards the kind of jobs that are the most interesting to us. Maybe we don’t even want to work so much throughout the week?

Many people, including myself for the longest time, go through the majority of our lives without knowing what we truly enjoy doing.

Many people go to school to get a degree that they think will make them good money and/or they consider pursuing a degree because they believe the occupation has job security.

We work jobs we might hate deep down inside, but are unable to get out of these jobs because of several possible reasons:

  • Too dependent on a steady paycheck
  • Fear of pursuing new kinds of opportunities
  • Inability to get out of our comfort zone
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of criticism
  • And many more reasons!

You have to know what you really love doing; otherwise, you’re going to be miserable for most or maybe even the rest of your life.

Now let’s say you want to pursue what you absolutely love doing.

Let’s say you really enjoy making music for example. You love making music and there’s nothing in this world that can compare to the amount of satisfaction you feel when you create your own music.

There are likely many people that would love to do this, but cannot see how they can make a living making music.

Well let’s take a look at this problem, shall we?

Let’s say you make very little money by selling your music when you first get started. You might give up because you feel like it’s not worth it.


You keep at it. You create good music and sell it at a good discount in the beginning, just to get your name out there, partially because you know it takes time to make money off of something you’re just now getting good at.

The people that persist tend to be happier because the more they pursue what they really enjoy doing, the more they stop caring so much about the money involved in such hobbies.

The money, and possibly even fame, come after you master the art and can market yourself really well in today’s highly competitive world.

They land the right deals with the right people and instead of surviving, they are thriving.

Lesson #3:

If you don’t know what you love doing, find what you love.

Experiment by doing different things each day of the week. Do this for a while…as long as it takes for you to feel that heart-to-heart connection with that one activity that helps you enjoy yourself.

Then start devoting more time to this activity. Start off with an hour every other day, then increase your time commitment to this activity once you’re getting used to this schedule.

Keep pushing, keep making mistakes, and get back up no matter how hard it may seem. Learn from your mistakes and grow your level of self-confidence in the long term.

When you love what you do, you will not be as stressed. You will want to keep getting better and better, to possibly the point of becoming a master.

So do yourself a favor and stop rationalizing to yourself that your job is making you happy if it’s not.

Stop judging others that pursue what makes them truly happy. Stop resisting your gut and start believing that you, too, can be successful if you put your heart and soul into what makes you happy.

It takes time to become good. It takes even more time to be great. It takes the most time to become AMAZING at what you do.

So go out there and start your journey on living with passion, and ultimately, increasing your level of self-confidence in return.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Until next time.


– Steve Daniels

P.S. I would love to hear what you have to say about this post. Feel free to comment below!


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  1. This is a very encouraging post, Steve. I particularly appreciated: “So go out there and start your journey on living with passion, and ultimately, increasing your level of self-confidence in return.” It’s very true that confidence, commitment and success build with momentum. We have to have, as you said, the courage to experiment and the willingness to risk, in order to get started! Your words may be the very encouragement that we need to hear to break through barriers holding us back. Thank you!

    • Hi Janice! Anytime! I love how you’re such a big fan of my blog. I am very humbled by this, knowing that you, yourself, are very successful in your field of work. I am glad I sound encouraging in my posts! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂


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