Achieving Inner Peace

Today I woke up feeling very different.

I feel peace inside my mind and inside my heart.

I feel very attractive today.

I was thinking for several hours about why I feel so good today, unlike many of my days.

I realize now, that it’s because I have finally fully accepted myself 100% for who I am, what I am, what I’m capable of, and my current circumstances in my life.

I know that if people don’t approve of whom I am and what I do, it won’t really bother me.

I am FREE.

I’ve stopped stressing about the little things in my life and have slowed down my thought process to the point where I can relax and focus on being way happier than ever before.

I used to stress about little things in my life, such as why don’t some of my peers treat me the way I treat them (with full respect), why other people my age are so much successful than me, being very reactive to every little thing in my life, and many more insecurities and worries that I’ve had for most of my life.

I’ve accepted myself fully for who I am and what I’m capable of.

I know there is no limit for success in my life and I don’t worry about how successful others are because I know that I can achieve the same success, I’ve just been dealt with different cards in my life.

Comparing how I feel today to the rest of my life, I feel like I was being held prisoner in my own mental jail cell, but now I have been released and am free to do whatever I chose.

It’s an amazing feeling.

Now I just have to remember to keep this mindset with me going forward and build more and more confidence.

Lesson of my life:

Let all of your worries and insecurities go.

Know that you can free yourself from this trap.

Stop expecting so much from yourself and others in your life. Accept yourself for the person you are and your current circumstances in your life. Know that you’re capable of unlimited success in your life and you will never give up in order to have many many successes in your life. And promise yourself that you won’t beat yourself up over and over again for things that you could have done differently.

Just learn from your mistakes and move forward.


– Steve Daniels

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