Happiness is not an object or something tangible that can be acquired.

You cannot weigh nor measure happiness.

Happiness is an emotion that is felt from within your entire body.

Your mind, heart, eyes, and soul can feel the good feeling that happiness brings to you.

Happiness can be created or happiness can be delivered to you.

Usually we associate the feeling of happiness whenever we achieve something great or we’ve been told that we are amazing.

We feel happiness whenever something we value is either awarded to us or we reward ourselves with it.

Happiness is all over and it’s waiting for you to step back, relax, and receive happiness with open arms.

There are many ways in which happiness can be received, but one thing that is common between all the different paths to happiness, is that happiness is created from your thoughts, whether you realize it or not.

Let’s take being rewarded for example. Let’s say that you get a nice raise or bonus at work, or your business that you just started not too long ago, is taking off really well. How would you feel?

Personally, I would feel really happy, but not because of the result/award, because of how I’m thinking about everything.

If I receive a nice raise/bonus at work, I start to think, wow, I’ve been working really hard at work, I’ve been very productive, and I absolutely deserve this. I just validated myself and this makes me feel really happy as a result.

Sometimes we think very negatively towards ourselves, others, and/or our circumstances.

The ability to restructure our thoughts into powerful and positive thoughts, will help create happiness within ourselves and slowly we can align our inner emotional compass to point towards happiness.

Happiness is a powerful magnet.

Sometimes we feel so happy that even though we’re in the midst of chaos, we can remain focused on the tasks at hand while maintaining our happiness.

How to Create Happiness:

1) Realize that happiness does not need to be chased; it needs to be created.

2) If you’re thinking negatively, restructure your thoughts into powerful, positive, and amazing thoughts about yourself.

3) Have a game plan on how you will conquer any obstacles that come in between you and happiness.

4) Firmly believe that you will be successful in conquering negativity.

Stop pursuing happiness. Start creating it. It all begins with you.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and hope you will join me on the journey to self-confidence mastery.


– Steve Daniels

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