The Dynamics of Life

Do you ever feel like you can’t quite keep up with life sometimes?

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by and it’s moving faster and faster every day?

Well you’re not alone.

I’ve felt the same way numerous times in my life.

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, and it’s made me feel really behind in life, not to mention extremely depressed at times.

One day, I would feel like I’m on top of the world, and the next day I would feel like the world is crushing my existence.

Why is that? Why is it that all of a sudden, the feelings are not the same anymore? What’s changed?

Everything…it seems…

The world we live in is extremely dynamic. One day, things are a certain way, but the next day things might seem the exact opposite.

The currents seem to shift drastically at unpredictable intervals of time.

The world is filled with 7.4 billion humans and most human beings are interacting with other humans, having an increasing amount of impact on the things and events occurring around them.

You might not realize it, but it happens every minute of your life.

There are countless social interactions occurring every day, influencing the world we live in today.

In order to gain leverage over the drastic changes you experience over time, you have to realize that you can’t do everything on your own, alone.

You need the help of others, since people have influence over external events, like we just discussed.

Another example of life being extremely dynamic would be that one day you have a job and you’re able to support yourself, the next day you lose it and you have to struggle to find another job.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, then the first thing you need to do is educate yourself on the process of landing a job offer. This will help to minimize surprises and increase your level of patience as well as mental stability throughout the entire process.

You can spend day after day, night after night, sending out applications in order to score an interview, like I’ve tried in the past, but if you don’t make an effort to actually come into contact with people face-to-face, you will be severely limiting your chances of being invited to an interview.

There are infinite examples of how dynamic the world is. It’s happening every second of our lives.

One day you are sitting next to a loved one, talking to them and holding them tight. The next day they’re gone.

One day you’re laying in a slum, and the next day you’re moving into one of the finest residential districts in the world.

Life is increasingly unpredictable and can be quite scary at times, but if you take the following mindset, you will be a little bit more prepared for the uncertainties of life.

  • Embrace the dynamics of the world and uncertainties of the future. Become adaptable.
  • Never stop proactively learning about new things on a frequent basis.
  • Gain experience in order to increase the depth of your learning.
  • Reach out to different kinds of people every day, without expecting anything in return. Always try to maintain a good positive attitude.

The quicker you realize the fact that the world is moving at a rapid pace and will not yield to your feeling of comfort and familiarity, the sooner you will enable yourself to stay afloat when times get tough.

On the other hand, when life becomes amazing, you will not be as surprised as you would have been if you didn’t have such an adaptable attitude.

As a result of this mindset, you will still be happier because the tides are in your favor now.

You will in turn become more emotionally stable, stay calmer, and more relaxed.

The best part? You will increase your level of self-confidence.

You can endure the violent storms that life may swing at you and know that all you need to do is move with the wind. The more you try to anchor yourself, the more the dynamic winds will tear you apart.

Move with the world or the world will leave you behind.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and hope you will join me on the journey to self-confidence mastery.


– Steve Daniels

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